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Sell Your House As Is With These Top 5 Tips

Picture yourself putting your home on the market. First you have to do tons of repairs to compete with other homes. Running to Lowe’s multiple times a week, hiring out a couple minor jobs, or even doing the work yourself could be the difference between getting an offer on your home or not. Sometimes, it is easier to sell your house as is. When weighing the pros and cons of selling your house as is, always remember that time is money. Are you prepared to spend hours upon hours fixing your home or could it be easier to sell your house as is? 

We can help you navigate selling your house as is with these top 5 tips. 

Don’t Spend More Than You Have To

Have you checked out Zillow or lately? For the most part, those houses selling for top dollar are the ones that are in pristine condition, often times already flipped by investors. Now, picture your house. Is it in pristine condition? Or does it need a little extra work. Even an outdated interior could sell for less vs. the model homes that we see on Zillow. 

Did you know that the average homeowner spends about $2,000 to get their house ready to put on the market? These are homes that don’t need a ton of work either! You might have to dish out money for structural repairs, but did you ever think of updating your interior to get top dollar? This process is often costly and timely. Consider selling your house as is so you don’t have to worry about the cost and the time to fix up your house. 

When selling your house as is, you could also close in as little as 7 days. How does that stack up to the traditional housing market?

Repair What is Absolutely Necessary

Remember the average $2,000 you’ll need to get your house in tip-top shape? If you have to spend more than that, it’s wise to make sure you are selective of your repair jobs. Can you hire some out and save some for you to complete? Remember to always save the extensive jobs to the professionals. Also, think about what will need to be repaired when a buyer does their inspections. Home sellers will likely have to repair what the buyer wants them to, thus resulting in even more money spent! Did you know that we will buy your house without an inspection? Click here to learn more

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When you talk about repair work that can be left out, there is a long list. Most of them are related to cosmetic changes. For instance, replacing the old door with a more beautiful may is not necessary if there are no major problems. The new owner can move in and replace the old door with one of his choices. Being selective about repair jobs not only reduces the budget that the seller must spend but also prevents the sale process from being lengthy.

 Sellers should have a timeline in mind before which the sale has to be completed. This helps in checking the duration before which the repair jobs need to be completed. For instance, consider that you want to sell your house in one month and a plumbing job requires two months. This simply means that you would have to sell the house without getting it done or wait to put your house on the market.

Remember, we can help you sell your house as is. No repairs are necessary and we can close in 7 days! Save yourself from time, stress, and financial burden!

Highlight the Positive Aspects of Your Home

As it is already mentioned above, when you sell your house as is, sometimes is not the easiest of tasks but using the right tactics can surely help.  To start with, you must eliminate the impression that your house is in pristine condition. However, focusing on the positives is something that helps tremendously.

To get good buyers, make a list of positive features that your house has. For instance, if the garden is in good condition, mention it and post good pictures as well. These tactics attract buyer’s attention. Similarly, compare your house with property options in similar conditions. This will help you in determining the positives. However, this does not mean that you should exaggerate how good the house is. Simply mention the advantages and let the buyers decide the actual worth.

Fix the Essentials

It is important to understand the difference between selling your house as is and selling a house with functional problems. Some fixes are absolutely necessary when selling your home. Think about all of the problems a new home owner isn’t going to want to fix. Remember that they will most likely want you to fix major issues that come up on the inspection report. 

There is no need to hire the most expensive contractors since you may not have a high budget. Make a list of contractors who can perform the repair job at an economical price and without consuming a long period. The next step is comparing these contractors and selecting the best person for the job.

Use the Correct Info When Selling Your Home As Is

It is important that you clearly state that your house might need some repairs. If a buyer finds out there is hidden or wrong information about the house, it could be a huge deal breaker. Make sure you are clear and concise about the condition of the house. Professional pictures could help in this scenario. 

The reality is that it is not that hard to sell your house as is if you can navigate finding the right buyer. 

Did you know that we will buy your house as is? You won’t need to do even the smallest repair. We won’t make you fix anything that comes up on the inspection report. We will even close in as little as 7 days!

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