Hidden Costs of Owning and Managing a Rental Property in [market_city]

Now’s the time to own a rental property! With the way the market is trending, there is so much money to be made and it also warms your heart to be able to provide a safe and welcoming space for potential tenants. Having a rental property is a wise investment as it is an effective way to ensure a steady flow of income every month. 

However, when you are still in the initial phases of being a landlord or property owner, you sometimes miss the hidden costs of owning a rental property. 

Every rental property will have at least some hidden expenses associated with it, no matter how much we wish otherwise. 

If you have houses or apartments to rent, be prepared with enough funds to cover some hidden expenses. At a minimum, insurance, taxes, maintenance and repairs will be due and billed over time. All are unavoidable, and all must be calculated, accounted for and managed.

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Top Seven Expenses Requiring Your Immediate Attention When Owning a Rental Property

1. Rental Property Taxes

As a rental property owner, you will have the duty of paying any property taxes or any capital gains taxes when you want to sell. Keep in mind that the taxes paid for a rental property are different from a regular residence and are much more expensive. You will not be qualified for the homestead exemption, and this tax rise might be something you had not measured. To mitigate or avoid situations like this, you need to know your real cash flow.

2. Insuring a Rental Property

Another huge cost to consider and manage as a landlord is insurance. The insurance coverage you will apply for is explicit to owners of rental property. This cost is something to consider when deciding the rent price.

3. Property Management Fees or Time (If you’re self managing)

Management of property or properties is very time consuming and is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, it’s advised to have a professional for managing your properties. Hiring an expert to help you maximize the return on your investment makes good financial sense. This is another charge you have to consider because even if the rental property is vacant, you will have to manage the salary of the professional property manager. Salary of property managers differ as per various factors, but they are usually given 10% of the rent of the property they manage. However, it is optional as any owner has the choice of supervising their property themselves.

4. Consistant Maintance

Your responsibility as a rental property owner starts the moment you rent the property. You will be the one the tenants will call if a light switch stops working or the sink breaks down. So, you will have to ensure that the property is well-maintained to guarantee its integrity. See the amount you bear as an expense on maintenance as an investment. 

Start including payments to plumbers, electricians and more in your budget as well. It is the most effective way to be ready for the unavoidable maintenance spending you will have to make time-to-time as a rental property owner.

5. Repairs and Replacements to Your Rental Home

As the owner, you will find yourself in the conundrum of repairs and replacements more than once. It will be up to you to repair a certain thing or replace it with a newer one. Evaluate which goods are a long-term investment worth the extra money and which ones, like decorative pieces, can do with some mending.

6. Vacancy Fees

Either your rental property is extremely popular and is never vacant, or because of the market not doing well at times, your property can also be vacant for months. This is a situation that requires you to be prepared.

Have a contingency plan to overcome this dry period without tenants. You can assign a portion of your fund that will be meant just for this, where you save money that can be put to use in this case.

6. Legal Expenses

Legal expenses are often the most ignored hidden cost of owning a rental property. It is imperative to have legal guidance when setting the terms and conditions of the rental contract. Good lawyers or legal advisors can be very expensive, but they can save you thousands in any future legal issues.


Rental properties have many hidden costs. But if managed well, they can produce high income. As long as you know what you need to remember when it comes to these hidden costs, you will not have to be worried if any problem occurs. Get realistic about these costs and budget accordingly.

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