Home Buying Family Buys Houses In As-Is Conditions!

Are you looking to sell your house without the need for repairs or remodeling? Even if you’re facing a rough financial situation like foreclosure, Home Buying Family buys houses in as-is condition!

At Home Buying Family, we buy houses in Charlotte rapidly without you needing to stress about investing more money and time on your property. We’ll still provide you with a fair but non-obligatory cash offer! Give us a call to learn more about your situation and how we can help. 


What Does Buying “As-Is” Mean?

When we say we buy houses in Charlotte in as-is condition, we purchase properties regardless of their physical and financial situation. For example: 

  • Foreclosed homes: If you’re facing foreclosure, you can sell your house to us and avoid damaging your credit score. We buy foreclosed properties so owners can pay their mortgage debt and start a new life, stress-free. 
  • There’s no need to pay for repairs or remodeling: Buying in as-is condition implies that we take care of the repairs that must be done to your property. Owners can save time and money while putting their homes for sale. 

We also buy houses for any reason. If you’re facing divorce, need cash, inherited an unwanted property, or else, Home Buying Family helps you. We are committed to becoming the most trusted company in the area and known for our comprehensive solutions. 

Our Promise To You

We buy houses in Charlotte in a way that makes owners feel comfortable and safe. Here’s how: 

  • The agreed value is the money you keep. We won’t ever change the offer we initially gave you. In addition, you won’t be paying for commission fees nor closing costs.
  • Our contracts are simple so that anyone can understand and trust them. We’ll also let you know how everything works and be as transparent as possible. 
  • Our cash offers are very competitive but non-obligatory, nor have to be accepted right away. The offer is valid for two months.

What Are You Waiting To Contact Us?

Just like we are fast buying homes, we are fast replying to requests. Give us a call to learn more about your situation, your property and schedule an appointment. It can be digitally via zoom or an in-person but covid-friendly meeting, you choose. Get your free cash offer today!


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