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The Home Buying Family has worked hard to build and uphold our trust within the community. We open our ears, doors, phones, and emails to any comments. Our family is ready to help build your life in a new direction


We have a combined experience of over 40 years of transactions.

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We have a wonderful family and we would love to share more about who we are and what we stand fore.


The Family is constantly reviewing our professional team members, as well as our processes and transaction details, to ensure the smoothest transaction and the most professional results

Words From Past Clients

When we work with our clients, we make sure that they have a great experience and that at every step of the process, they feel like they are apart of The Family. The Home Buying Family is your reputable cash home buyer; If we can’t provide the absolute best solution, we will help you find exactly what or whom you are looking for. Our goal is to help you resolve any real estate problems you may currently be facing. Below is a few snippets of what previous clients have said.

Maya Henderson
Maya Henderson
We have had the pleasure of working with the Home Buying Family in multiple capacities and from every aspect they have been simply amazing! Their tenacity to provide the best service and product for their clients is second to none. We first began our business relationship as investors and as an investor we could not be more pleased with the return on investment they were able to provide, in addition they provided a low risk and a swift turnaround on our investment. An investors dream! With such a positive experience with them as an investor we became their client. They are selling our property in Stedman, NC and they continue going above and beyond to ensure that the sell of this property is a complete success! The Home Buying Family has not only set the bar for other business opportunities we come across but because of their professionalism, work ethic, and accountability we foresee doing business with them on a consistent basis going forward. Mickey and Britta are force to be reckoned with and we are so happy to have such a fulfilling business relationship with them.
Willie Cheeseboro
Willie Cheeseboro
Great family business. Very responsive honest and gets the job done quick and efficiently. I’d recommend to anyone. Thanks again for your hard work
Brittany Slipko
Brittany Slipko
The home buying family bought my home in 2020 and I was able to make a $25,000 profit! Since then, they have helped me buy 2 investment properties in myrtle beach where I can make passive income! They took the time to help my situation.
Jodi Rockerchild
Jodi Rockerchild
Very informative and helpful!
Deleena Lang
Deleena Lang
Mickey was great to work with! Always up front about my options and what to expect. He always treated me and other professionally. He is also focused on helping his clients with complete financial recovery to set them up for continued success! He and his company have been a life saver for me and my family.
RW Demon Dragon
RW Demon Dragon
Amazing people that are very insightful to my partner and I situation. If you looking for more options for your housing situation then look no further then T3.
Brittany Traub
Brittany Traub
So much knowledge in one place! Love working with this team! Helped me quickly and are ready to help you too!

Ronda N. – Charlotte, N.C.

“What started as a family home, became our family business, and was then brought back to its roots”

Ronda came to us like most people, with a problem and a house she didn’t want to fix up. So we helped the best ways we knew how. This house started as a small 2 bed /1 bath in its creation and grew to a 5 bed / 2 bath by the time we fell in love with it. We decided to upgrade the home and modify it into a 4 bed / 3 bath with a beautiful working 4 car garage in the rather large back yard.



We Bought this house with cash!



Sold Investment Home in Charlotte

Delena L. – Richmond, Tx

“What all started as a headache, was solved with grace and dignity”

Delena was sought out by the Home Buying Family because we knew we could help her situation. After a ruff couple of events, she was facing foreclosure on a home she had owned for only a few years.

Accordingly, we were able to not only save some of her equity, but help her with her relocation. Consequently, she has the best credit score she has ever had in her life and only 2 years after being called on by the banks to face a foreclosure.

We’re so glad that Home Buying Family could help.


home buyers in charlotte

Steve M. – Charlotte, N.C.

sell my house charlotte 

“In the end, I just wanted to make sure my tenants and the property was protected, and The Family did just that. 

The McCracken family were fortunate to have a rental property passed to them a few years ago. Getting on with age had made taking care of the property an issue. The Home Buying Family was called in to help where other cash paying investors could not.

We listened, we cared, and we provided.

We made sure that the tenants we protected with legally binding contracts, we reassured Steve about our plans to protect and not knock down the property, and we provided a guaranteed, written and signed, protection plan for the future of the home.

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We have a wonderful family and we would love to share more about who we are and what we stand fore.

Combined Years of Business

Our family is small, but rich with knowledge and experience. We are a team of dedicated individuals who not only know how to solve your Real Estate problems, but can defiantly teach a secret or two along the way. 

Happy Clients

With a growing list of happy clients, it’s sometimes still incredible to us how we keep each transaction unique and cared for with our truly one-on-one family approach. 

Home Buying Family

We have worked with a lot of other teams and individuals in the Real Estate space over the years. We have still never come close to finding another team that feels like home. We love to solve problems and truly care for people. We do things a bit differently, and that’s the way we like it.

Home Buying Family

Whether you are selling an unwanted home in Charlotte, buying a new home, or looking for a rental property, we are here to help! We want to arm you with the knowledge to make the best decisions and save you valuable time, money, and stress. A quick phone conversation with us will relieve your stress about your property.

Opening Hours

  • Mon – Thus : 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.
  • Fri – Sat : 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.
  • Sun : Calls or Appointments Only

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  • Call : + 1 ( 704 ) 327 – 6111
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Address : P.O. Box 516, Sherrills Ford, NC 28673
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